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ERA Ltd., the official PCO for the 1st International Biogas Conference in Athens is at your service to provide accommodation and transfer options during your stay and to organise tailor made trips and pre & post tours in Greece. Contact us

Accompanied Persons Tours

ERA undertakes the organization of accompanying persons program. The following 3 tours are proposed on the suggested dates. We advise you to book in advance as places are limited. The following will be subject to change should interest in other activities is expressed. Participation Confirmation in any of the below tours and payment will be made directly with ERA Ltd.

Local Attractions

The Acropolis & The New Acropolis Museum

Not much needs to be said when it comes to the epitome of architecture and style the Parthenon. It is the most magnificent creation of Athenian democracy, undoubtedly the most renowned monument and universal symbol of Athens, both in the past and in the present. The New Acropolis Museum, a “masterpiece” and must-visit. It took years to construct the museum due to the museum’s interior design and the “technology”. The permanent collections exhibit findings and artifacts from the sacred rock of the Acropolis, while smaller “vignette” temporary exhibits offer insight to the permanent collections. The cafe and museum shops are quite popular and should be visited to enjoy breathtaking views of the Acropolis and surroundings.

Αncient Agora

The Ancient Agora, which means “market” in modern Greek, is situated at the foot of the Acropolis and in ancient times it served as the commercial centre of the city but also as the political, cultural and religious centre. This was the place where Athenians gathered on a daily basis, not only to buy and sell their goods but also to learn the news, criticise the government and debate on topics such as democracy, commerce, philosophy and the sciences.

Excursion to Cape Sounion

You will be driven along the coastal road, past the wonderful beaches of Glyfada, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza to the most southern point of Attica, Cape Sounion, where you will visit the 5th century B.C. temple of Poseidon. This spot has one of the most breathtaking panoramic views in Greece (on a clear day you can see at least seven islands) and one of the most famous sunset settings.

Cruise to Hydra with chartered yachts

Hydra is a charming island in the Saronic Sea, just about an hour and a half away from Athens, “decorated” with superb stone mansions, atmospheric guesthouses and wonderful cafes and restaurants in the harbour. The architectural style of Hydra, reminds us of a maritime city that used to flourish in the early 19th century which has been preserved intact. Upon arrival to the island, participants will enjoy a cup of coffee by the sea or stroll around the pebbled paths (Hydra is a vehicle-free island). Escorted by a professional guide, they will visit the local Historical Archives which display the wealth and splendour of the late 18th, early 19th centuries. After lunch, participants can adore the noble mansions which amphitheatrically dot the surrounding hillsides, before embarking the yachts for their return to Athens.


The ancient Greeks called Delphi the navel of the Earth and this was designated by a large, round, conical stone. Delphi was sacred to God Apollo, the god of prophecy and patron of philosophy and the arts, whose famous temple and prophetic shrine were there. Today Delphi is a charming village with spectacular scenery and the dramatic ancient remains within the boundaries of the modern town.

Getaway to the Islands

The islands off the coast of the Saronic Gulfare ideal one-day getaways, Aigina, Hydra, Poros and Spetses are popular destinations among the Athenians, indicating their special standing among Greece’s many islands. Cruises and private charters that tour the islands in one day are available, as are easy connections from each.

Accompanied Persons Tour

Athens Food Tour

Discover a different Athens and visit places off the tired tourist paths, join the Athenians in their everyday life where food reigns! Our walking tour will be at selected specialty food stores, where we will taste some of the finest Greek products available like extra virgin olive oil, cheese, cured meat and honey. We will immerse into the colors and smells of local spices and aromatic coffee, while the irresistible smell of freshly baked delicacies will lead our steps into one of the oldest bakeries in the city. Our journey will continue through the bustling alleys of Varvakios, the sprawling fish, meat and vegetable market –the true “Belly of Athens”.
Duration: 3 hours

A Greek Tale

With over 50 museums Athens has one of the highest museum densities in the world. Many small but prestigious museums are situated within a small distance from each other at the heart of the city. The Benaki, Cycladic Art, and Byzantine museums have vast and diverse collections and are major players in the city’s arts scene. They also host a full schedule of rotating exhibitions. All museums are housed in stately 19th century mansions and boast elegant cafés as well as excellent gift shops. Soon a major redevelopment of the National Garden to host modern art biennales will add to the total of the art scene, thus making Vasilissis Sophias Avenue the city’s premiere arts precinct.This walk introduces the participants to all three museums with a twenty-minute visit to each one of them, emphasizing only in the highlights (major exhibits, facilities, gardens, restaurants, and gift shops).
Duration: 3 hours

Excursion to Mycenae & Nafplion

This most important archaeological site of Greece is witness of a great ancient civilization, the Mycenaean civilization, which was born in the Peloponnese region and thrived in the later Copper period (1350-1200 B.C.). Soon it spread its presence throughout Greece. The Acropolis of Mycenae is surrounded by the great Cyclopean Walls apart from the South side, which is naturally protected by a stiff gorge. Other findings include the Palace, the Hall of the Throne, the central Lions’ Gate, residences and big vaulted tombs. One of the most significant and glorious vaulted tombs is the Treasure of Atreas, which was built in 1260 B.C. Parts of its decoration, acquired by Lords Sligo and Elgin, are exhibited in museums abroad, mainly in London and Paris.
Duration 6 ½ hours

Extend Your Stay


Greece is undoubtedly a must destination to visit and explore. We invite you to take advantage of your business trip and offer yourselves the opportunity to “live your myth in Greece”. Whether you are a sea and sun enthousiast, a history fan or a  gastronomy lover, Greece will surely compensate you. ERA is at your service to provide bespoke experiences for you and  your loved ones. Here are some of our suggestions for pre and post tours while in Athens.


Santorini is always on the top 5 list of World Destinations, the villages build on the volcano’s sunken crater offer spectacular views. The island is also famous for the red and black beaches. Santorini is considered to be the most sought after place for a romantic getaway in Greece, since there are not many places in the world where you can enjoy exquisitely clear waters while perched on the rim of a massive active volcano in the middle of the sea! A visit to Santorini is the ultimate gastronomic experience, as the island is a true culinary paradise! Treat your taste buds to some famous traditional products and try some of the exceptional wines produced from grapes grown in the volcanic soil of the island!


Not much needs to be said about this Cosmopolitan island also known as the island of Winds. Mykonos offers great nightlife options along with some fabulous seaside resorts and beaches.  Next to Mykonos lies Delos island, one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Delos was a sacred island in ancient times, and according to mythology it was the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis.

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