Preliminary Programme

The First World Biogas International Conference takes place in Athens Greece on Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 5th 2019. The conference location is the Evgenidion Foundation next to the Marriot Hotel whilst the conference dinner will take in an exquisite location nearby.

The Conference hosts welcome you to Athens and offer the possibility of visiting the sites of the historic city for those accompanying guests who will not be attending the workings of the meeting itself. Further, city tours for Sunday May 5th are organised for those who stay over.

The Conference is organised into four sessions over two days with speakers from around the world. Whilst the central topic of the meeting is the development of the biogas industry, speakers will also look at wider issues around climate change, sustainable development, waste management, research and innovation- as well as the specifics of operational issues for biogas operators.


*Preliminary Programme

Keynote addresses

Dr Janez Potocnik, Co Chair of the International Resource Panel at UNEP, was Commissioner of the European Commission for Science and Research from 2004 to 2010 and for the Environment from 2010 to 2014.
Mrs Myrsini Christou, Director of the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment
Mr David Newman, President of the World Biogas Association, former President of the International Sold Waste Association 2012-2016 and has been working in food waste recovery since 1998.
Professor Maria Lozidou, Technical University of Athens, is a leading research scientist into waste management, materials use and recovery and has participated in the planning of waste management systems in Greece and elsewhere.
Dr Dominic Hogg, founder and Chairman of the British environmental consultancy Eunomia and will talk to us about the revised Emissions Trading System and how carbon pricing will impact resource use in the EU.

Session #1 | Experiences on Food Waste Management

We are pleased to welcome the cities of Oslo (Norway) and Milan (Italy)- Dr Alberto Confalonieri, CIC to talk about how they have affronted the challenges of food waste collections. They will talk about their programmes and the solutions they have found both for collection systems and for food waste treatment.
We will also welcome the host city of our conference, Athens, George Broulias, Vice – Mayor of the City of Athens for Waste Management, or a delegate representative of his team will highlight challenges and opportunities of waste management around the municipality of Athens.
Further, Mr. Thomas Alexandropoulos , Directorate General of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Rural Development and Food or a delegate representative of his team will illustrate the framework legislation in Greece for the collection and treatment of Animal By- Products.

Session #2 |Experiences from low to middle income countries

This session will look at how low to middle incomes countries are affronting the various challenges they face around energy independence, the management of biodegradable wastes, waste water treatment, and the financing of installations to handle the transformation to a low carbon economy
Mr Chris Maloney of the Eisenmann Corporation will illustrate developments in China;
Dr Mike Mason, Tropical Power will illustrate how Tropical Power in Kenya has been established;
Mr Alex Marshall, Clarke Energy will look at installations across a broad range of countries and industrial sectors.
Mr Sylvain Donnaz, SUEZ France will give case studies on multi purpose biogas re-use in various installations across the world.

Session #3 | Operating Issues

This session will include speakers from companies that design, build and operate biogas plants and offers an exciting series of insights into the challenges the have faced and the opportunities they have found. We will welcome
Hanna Richter, Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH and international design, build and operate company from Germany;
Giuseppe Spina, LAI Srl a design, build and operate company from Italy will talk about their experiences in plant development in the Mediterranean area;
Xanthi Maria Sousoni , Chief of Operations KAFSIS, will illustrate ZERO WASTE Programme implemented by KAFSIS in order to treat animal by-products and food waste in the first Biogas Plant built in prefecture of Peloponnese in Greece.
Thomas Minter, UK operator Malaby will talk about taking a plant from a concept to an industrial reality : Crossing the Valley of Death – Bridging the TRL Gap between Research, Innovation & Commercial Application.
Wilbert Smeets, Technical Director of SESA Italy will illustrate how they operate one of the world’s largest plants with over 530,000 tonnes of food and green waste digested and composted in 2018.
Orlando Lucero, BWE Energie System Germany will illustrate recent developments that will help better monitoring of the biology of different feedstocks and available technologies to treat Nitrogen.
Harmen Dekker, DMT the Netherlands will illustrate his company’s activities specializing in waste water treatment (sludge reduction with increase of biogas production) and the desulphurization and contaminant removal from biogas.
Michael Niederbacher, CEO BTS Biogas – Italian company with over 200 plants already operational worldwide – will illustrate the most advanced pre&post treatment technologies for the highest performance in anaerobic digestion with complex substrates.
Enzo Bellavigna, Chief Executive of AB Energy of Milan, Italy, a company that contains the industrial process through all stages of construction at the cogeneration plant: consulting, design, production, installation, commissioning and service.
Michael Niederbacher, CEO of BTS Biogas – Italian company with over 200 plants already operational worldwide – will illustrate the most advanced pre&post treatment technologies for the highest performance in anaerobic digestion with complex substrates.

Session #4 | Research and Innovation- the new frontiers for biogas

Professor Maria Lozidou, National Technical University of Athens will illustrate the research projects in which the NTUA in involved
Professor Mike Mason – University of Oxford, UK and Tropical Power Kenya “Anaerobic Hydrolysis and conversion of plants to platform chemicals”
Dr. Francesco Valentino- University La Sapienza of Rome presents two European Research Projects, Res Urbis and Smart Plant
Dr Fabiana Fantinel- Switzerland shows how a by-product from biogas such as CO2 can be converted into valuable new materials such as biodegradable bioplastics

The Conference will also include several five minute presentations from sponsors; coffee breaks and lunchtimes for networking; and a Saturday Gala Dinner at an exquisite location

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